Mentoring Program

The purpose of the WASHRM Mentoring program is to build partnerships between more skilled with less skilled HR professionals with the goal of growing the mentee's professional growth thru a mutually beneficial relationship with the mentor.

Did you know that participating in a structured mentoring program can earn you recertification credit? Under the leadership category, you can earn up to 10 recertification credits through mentoring activities. This includes activities such as preparing an individual for the HR profession, teaching HR-related practicum or providing volunteer HR consulting services to assist with an individual or organizational need. Five recertification credits are earned for every year of service. Please note that mentoring activities must be independent of the workplace.
Mentoring is one of many activities in which you can earn recertification credits without accruing a large expense.

Below are the members at the 2018 Kick-Off Meeting

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If you have questions about the program, please contact the Mentor Program Chair at [email protected].